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Design your journey to realignment.

Create your Personal Protection Plan™ and Hybrid ​Business Plan that builds the life you love, the business ​you love, and connects you with the people who love ​YOU 🖤, Unapologetically!

- Sharing my experiences, tools, & network.

- Building SAFE spaces & communities.

Stacie’s VIRTUAL Store Front



Stacie L Daniel

Let’s be honest. When I hit 40 years old I was in a full-blown ​mid-life crisis. Suddenly, I began evaluating the time I spent ​daily. It dawned on me that every decision I make is being ​paid for with a piece of my remaining life. I started making ​better choices and itemizing the cost of saying Yes!

However, becoming more vigilant with time-wasting tasks and uncomfortable ​situations still wouldn’t give me control over the unexpected which is guaranteed ​to happen.

Reflecting on the past 5 years, between COVID/quarantine, my wedding, elderly ​parent caregiving, high school graduations, college prep, immediate family mental ​health needs, unexpected death of a parent, and more.

Has taught me that time is even more precious than ​I thought AND your health is your wealth!

I started focusing on peace over profits, substance ​over surface, and making every day a payday! Catch ​me living my best life from border to border, ​sleeping til 2pm, and living the vanlife without ​sacrificing my income or impact along the way.

HIRE STACIE to speak

“Substance over Surface”

“Your Health is your Wealth”

“Connect w/ People Who Love YOU!”

Stacie’s VIRTUAL Store Front



Yes, I am a girly girl! I love all things girly, pretty, convenient, techy, family-oriented, and community-​empowering. So this section will have my chosen items based on the seasons that I believe will put a ​smile on your face, warm your hearts, and might even put some money in your pockets!!

May Favorites

CANVA is your secret weapon!

The fact is, you could be running your client ​away and didn’t even know it. That should be ​scary! Are your social media profiles ​professional and attractive? Appearance ​matters especially when dealing with folks' ​money.

Let me show you how to make a GREAT ​virtual first impression.

June Favorites

Willing Participant Candle

My goal during the new year is to take ​more baths. This will make me slow ​down, review my day, and celebrate my ​mini-wins. I will be forced to peace be ​still and listen to God’s digital ​downloads as opposed to 45 min hot ​showers

Did you know we have an Amazon store of goodies? Have you seen our Black Life Insurance Agent merch? Were you aware ​that I am a #GirlTechie with a bachelor’s degree and a 20-year romance with tech as a programmer? Have you seen my world-​traveling adventures? Stay tuned for all types of seasonal suggestions.

Stacie’s VIRTUAL Store Front



In this section, you will find all things financial. I believe that everyone should have access to the education ​and tools needed to reach the level of financial success that they are working towards. However, I know that ​many are not exposed to money mechanics, how money works, and how to make it work for them. It is for ​that reason I created a financial university of affordable classes to meet you where you are.

Budget, Savings, & ​Planning Course

Holiday Spending ​Protection Plan

7 Step - Credit Repair ​Toolkit

Stacie’s VIRTUAL Store Front


Trusted partners

These are a few of my trusted partners whom I have connected with throughout my journey of personal or ​professional development and enhancement. I want to share with you those who have helped me along the way. I ​want to share with them my community of friends, followers, and life insurance agent peers. I am confident you ​will value and respect their services, gifts, and talents just like I did. I believe this is important because those who ​are successful didn't get there on their own. They had help and they had introductions.

The Cash Value King

Douglas Eze

Chief Marketing Officer

ACA American Classic ​Agency, the largest African ​American- and female-​owned IMO in the industry.

Prioritizing integrity, loyalty, ​and an abundance mindset. ​We are committed to ​equipping our agents with ​encouragement and a ​desire for success not only ​in their business, but in ​every aspect of life.


Corporate Trauma Queen

Anita Charlot

Are you ready to increase ​your confidence + heal from ​past corporate and ​relational trauma?

For over 20 YEARS, I have ​focused on relationships, ​dating, relationships, and ​marriage coaching. The ​time has come for me to ​marry my metaphysical self ​with my corporate ​experience to heal ​corporate America.


The Vision Queen

Emem Wshington

Everyone Has A Super ​Power!

If you want financial ​freedom then you have to ​control your cash flow. ​Once you step into your ​purpose you can monetize ​yourself and never have to ​worry about running out of ​money. When you figure ​out your “Super Powers “ or ​your God Given talents and ​gifts then creating the ​additional income stream ​becomes stress free.


The Trauma Queen

Nakia Austin

She will help you to identify ​those hidden trauma’s that ​are secretly controlling how ​you manage your money ​and other areas in your life ​as well.

Nakia is passionate about ​educating trauma survivors ​on the importance of ​healing and self-worth so ​that they can thrive despite ​their varying levels of ​personal transformation ​plus the unexpected pivots ​and shifts of life.




These our the things that I like and use...




Did you know I married my best friend after a 10-year self-actualization journey consisting of several years of ​coaching and therapy to resolve trauma from being a domestic violence survivor, adopted with abandonment ​issues, being a teenage mom, sexual abuse, and more? My saving grace though I have scars is self-love, I know my ​worth, and my relationship with God is what carries me daily. This is my personal toolbox.

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Health Soul Cakra ​Water Bottle


Android/IPhone ​Podcast MIC


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Portable Lapdesk ​Mobile Agent


Extended Tipod, ​remote


To my beautiful black women... My store is versatile just like I am. I want to show ​you the items that are near and dear to me. Either I use them daily, only a few ​times a year, or have used something similar and I want to provide a reivew.

We all have a unique combination of gifts, talents, experiences, and personal ​testimonies. When we share our life’s hacks we are paying it forward by helping ​someone else’s day go by smoother. Hindsight is 20/20, this section is ​dedicated to you & my younger self. because I always wanted a big sister!

I call this section Stacie’ toolsbox.

Stacie’s VIRTUAL Store Front



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